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One hell of a skinny bitch. Only poo's once a week. Likes a good moan about EVERYTHING. Obsessed with being skinny and tanned. Likes to stuff mushrooms in peoples faces and make them puke. Abuses her little sister and likes to bully her. Can make one hell of a batch of soup.

loves a spoon.
Woah have you seen that girl over there with legs like match sticks eating her hair shes so hungry?

oh my god shes such a kirsty dimples smith
by feegina December 10, 2010
Guy who is unsure of his sexuality. Likes ski holidays (booked purposely to avoid new years, therefore irritating his gf), tight on electricty bills (turns off heaters in winter), bulemic, fancies blondies with back combed hair and cam, has a tendency to wear lederhosen and spank himself. Smokes like a gay.
Girl number 1: Wow did you see that guy with the leder hosen spankin himself eating a bratwurst?
Girl number 2: Yeah he looks like such a kev murison
by feegina December 10, 2010
A girl who has back combed blonde hair who loves a drink or two. Serial spewer. Bit of a chunder bird. :) Fancies boys called kev and likes anal beads.
Have you seen that girl over there with the back combed hair puking on the street....shes such a pastina tumour face.
by feegina December 10, 2010
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