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2 definitions by feawen

Communicates by meows, can be quite parannoying but makes up for this with her amazing culinary skills - coke floats, for example.

Is a noun for something so crazy that it renders you speechless.
Sam: There's a girl outside with no shoes drawing squirrels with chalk. I said hi, and she purred at me. What the fuck?

Ashley: It's pretty Muireann alright.
by Feawen March 31, 2009
Something that could be ominous or promising.
Whereas reminiscing is looking backwards, ominiscing is looking forwards.

As the outcome is yet to be seen, it could go either way.
Guy 1: The girl said she couldn't wait to get her hands on me.
Guy 2: Ominiscing eh?
Guy 1: .... Yup
by feawen November 15, 2011