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5 definitions by feathered roadapple

The band smart enough to get rid of Marky Chavez.
Marky Chavez is way fucking emo.
by feathered roadapple March 29, 2005
61 32
Where Japanese men go thinking that all women there are an 8 shape. Anyone who ever has seen anime will know they are obsesed with the 8 shape on a female.
The Japanese man checked-into the Super 8 Motel thinking he would be surrounded by 8 shaped women, but was dejected when he saw they were all pears.
by Feathered Roadapple February 06, 2005
11 15
The woman who was once a wrestler, but changed to a porn star a few years ago.
If I were to ever take out a porno with Chynadoll in it, I would think I accidently took out transexual porn.
by Feathered Roadapple January 27, 2005
19 24
The modern day hearttrob...of gay men.
The gay men love Orlando Bloom.
by Feathered Roadapple February 18, 2005
70 98
The annoying baby from the Nickelodeon cartoon, "Rugrats."
I'd love it if Tommy Pickles were to get SIDS and die.
by Feathered Roadapple October 10, 2004
19 65