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The act of doing a burnout in a car with an open differential, where only one of the drive wheels will spin, due to the inherent design of an open differential centre. Also known as a single legger.

The single spinner is common amongst young hoon drivers out in the working class west/south western suburbs of Sydney with cheap cars, mostly small japanese front wheel drive's like Pulsar's and Corolla's, and larger rear wheel drive local base model sedans. High performance sedans (SS Commodore (LS1 V8) and the XR6 Turbo Falcon for example) run a LSD diff centre, thereby allowing a proper burnout.

Vehicles with a limited slip differential will spin both drive wheels most of the time unless the limited slip clutches are worn, most likely from too many burnouts.

Vehicles with a locked differential will ALWAYS spin both drive wheels due to both left and right axles being physically locked together in the diff centre. A car with a locked differential is very dangerous and difficult to drive on the street. Locked differentials can be anything from a welded up open diff centre or a proper full spool centre.
Look at that knob over there in the Commodore hanging a single spinner out of McDonalds, yeah he just had his bonnet popped earlier in the carpark showing off his blue painted engine cover and gold plated battery terminals with voltmeter.
by fazeoner November 28, 2012

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