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An encryption scheme similar to ROT13, but twice as secure.
This sentence was originally encrypted using ROT26. If you can read it, you have successfully decrypted it.
by fax4voice3 December 19, 2005
Short for "please", used in email by lazy asshats who put the minimum possible effort into being polite. Usually used in messges demanding something that's trivial for them but a PITA for you.
To all staff: Pls make sure your T.P.S. reports have the proper covers.
by fax4voice3 April 06, 2005
A task, often bureaucratic, that is more difficult than it needs to be.
Now I need three forms of ID and a copy of my electric bill just to renew my driver's license? What a pain in the ass!

My headlight fuse burned out. Changing it was a real pain in the ass because I had to take apart half the dashboard to get to the fuse panel.
by fax4voice3 February 28, 2014
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean -- a perfectly viable way to have your second child, unless you're a lawyer.
We had to switch hospitals because our local one refuses to do VBACs.
by fax4voice3 March 30, 2005
Prefix meaning "obligatory". Most commonly used when saying something otherwise offtopic in places like Slashdot where that is frowned upon. Can be used where something is expected but might otherwise be missing.
Jessica Simpson is an airhead.
ObTopic: Linux is cool.

ObDrama: But she said she liked him instead.

ObLanguagePolice: There is no such word as "alot".
by fax4voice3 December 01, 2005

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