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not associated with or to be confused with drinkability, this is: one's availability and/or ability to consume beer.
dude - hey man, what's your beerability this evening.

man - aw dude i can't, i have to study for this exam.

bro - holy shit, that chick's drank 11 beers and she's still going... she's got some serious beerability!
#beer #beerbility #beerbelly #consumption #availability #ability
by fatty richard May 14, 2009
Sudden, intense hatred derived from watching a particularly appetizing dish, that you think is yours, being delivered to a nearby table; and realizing you still have to wait.
Hank was eagerly aniticpating his scallops when the waiter brought a dish of scallops to the man at the table next to him. Having thought that was his dish, Hank began to feel the anguish of dish envy.
#food #restaurant #waiter #dish #entree #meal #jealousy #agony #regret
by fatty richard September 09, 2009
the act of catching up with someone you haven't seen in a while, reminiscing, etc. whilst enjoying a tall frosty one.

also, the act of catching up to someone who has had more drinks than you; either because you got there late or because you've been nursing.
man i haven't seen you in years. let's grab a beer, we got some catching up to brew.

damn you've got serious beerability, i got some catching up to brew.
#catching up #beer #drinking #catching up to you #brewability #reminise
by fatty richard April 30, 2010
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