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a form of jism that is taken in the mouth by a female (male) and then spit onto the male that put it in said persons' mouth
Holy shit dude! Look at that guy, he's got spizzum all over his face. His girlfriend (boyfriend) must have been pissed off at him!
by Fatty McGee December 02, 2003
A Southern Fairfield County teenage boy who has a black girl's booty.
Damn, the shelf almost knocked over the T.V.
by Fatty Mcgee December 09, 2004
matt yolkum
matt yolkum is a real asshole
by fatty mcgee April 02, 2004
A shitty person that likes it in the butt.
That Paul Hodgson guy is such an idiotic renob!
by Fatty McGee December 02, 2003

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