22 definitions by fatty

someone who is chubby, sits by heater and smokes, thinks they are really cool.
tubbie number 1 and tubbie number are by the heater again!
by fatty April 12, 2004
fat, posing as muscle
He looked muscular, but on closer inspection, it was just f-pam.
by Fatty February 17, 2005
The move that wrestlers used to use back then, or moves that people use now also when your body is flipped upside down and your head crashes into the ground. Can also be a tombstone piledriver
Oh shit! He just got piledrivered.
by Fatty December 17, 2003
A pussy. Someone who was earlier defined as a recipient of a donkeypunch, and has a choad.
Siyxx is a pussy, e-thug holla nigga-1H
by Fatty April 02, 2005
The process of eating a girl out while she is menstrating.
Wow i just ate katie out while she was on her period...I looked like a Bloody clown!
by fatty January 05, 2005
A title resembling Lord or Sire when preceeded by "Witty"
Witty Fatty, you have returned from your quest to the fridge.
by fatty February 24, 2003
Something the Prez always talks about but never gets
They know that Iraq have these weapons... Personally I think its a big wank.
by fatty August 21, 2003

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