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18 to 24 year old male who wears berkinstock sandals, watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears a upsidedown visor or baseball hat with a pre-frayed brim.
dude: yo bro what up
bro: sup dude, playin gamecube
dude: nice man, i love that shit
by fattehboi September 21, 2008
The equivalent to the drunk dial.

1. Texting the opposite sex with excessive emoticans

2. Texts that are not readable unless one is also under the influence.

3. Texting random people just to spark a conversation
;-) :-D <3333

"we shfhould tttoly hngouta sum1time"

yo bro..how's college life mannn gettng any or whattt

all are exmapls of tipsy texts
by fattehboi February 10, 2009
Pooping As We Speak. Used when IMing or texting a buddy from a phone, laptop, blackberry etc.
Dudeski: Hey man whats up?
Dudeskidoo: nm just chillin, im out and i really gotta shit
Dudeski: PAWS :]
Dudeskidoo: damn you
by fattehboi September 02, 2009

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