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1 definition by fatmanpants

tracksuit bottoms with elasticated waists, designed for the more overweight. they are popular in ireland with knackers, and D4s, who wear them stuffed into Ugg boots or Dubes.
Knacker: Alri anto, nice fat man pants ya got on der
Anto: Fuck off ya bleedin homo
D4 1: Oh ma god babes, totally got myself a pair of fat man pants yesterday.
D4 2: ooooh babes! where?
D4 2: im too embarrassed to say babes. its like a total fucking descent into lower class. but there is a recession on..
D4 1: where did you get them babes?
D4 2: *blushes* Dunnes Stores.
by fatmanpants November 30, 2008