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is a town 15 minutes north of New Haven. It is a very white town, with about 10 black people who have trickled in from Hamden or Meriden by accident, and the rest are Mexicans that work in the restaurants as cooks or the local Laundrymat Chain "White Way" (ironically named). Wally World as it is affectionately known as, has access to all the major roadways in CT, just like Meriden, however Meriden is a sh*thole, so most people that have jobs and ambition live in Wallingford. Most people that are born in this town tend to stay there forever working at Ulbrich, Amphenol, or a number of other larger companies in the Industrial Parks. There are plenty of decent places to eat for fine dining,some great bars, and ofcourse, some of the finest dives in the universe....headlined by "The Monte Carlo"...where you can get the finest canned beer money can buy. There is every chain restaurant possible, Including CT's only Sonic, so you will have plenty of choices to hit up when you get the muchies on your "bake ride" around town. Wallingford people have a lot of pride in their town,like to get into everyone else's drama, and are definitely not afraid to fight for no apparent reason. Summers are filled with the "ping" of plastic hitting aluminum over at the softball fields Westside and Doolittle where there is more beer being drunk than actual softball being played. All in all, wallingford is a great town to raise a family.
Meriden Kid "yo, whiteboy, you from Wallingford?"
Wallingford Kid "I am white, so yes I am."
Meriden Kid "I guess you are right."

Wallingford guy at a bar "Jaegerbomb and a budweiser"
Wallingford girl at a bar "tootsie roll and a white zinfadel"

Black guy in Wallingford "what the hell am I doing in Wallingford?"
by fatkid3 September 23, 2010
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