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1. Someone who tweets more than a tweet whore. A tweet monkey tweets every few seconds, and they usually type very fast with bad spelling and grammar.
2. A monkey that tweets.
Leonard- Bill, you tweet so much, you're not even a tweet whore.
Bill- So what am I, if you're so smart?
Leonard- A tweet monkey

Leonard- I just bought a tweet monkey from the zoo.
Bill- Orly?
#tweet whore #twitter #tweet #twit #tweet monkey #monkey.
by fatherhoey September 23, 2009
Caused when a user hasn't been on twitter in a while, and has lots of @replys. The user tweets masses for a short period of time, most likely in the space of a few minutes, and then goes back to their normal rate of tweeting.
Johnny - I haven't been on twitter in a while.
Carlos - Oh, well you'd better get there quickly, loads of people have been tweeting you since you came out of the closet.
Johnny - Oh, you're probably right. Ha, this is gonna be a massive tweet explosion.
#twitter #tweet #tweet whore #twtter #tweeple #tweep #twerson.
by fatherhoey May 09, 2010
Someone who tweets even more than a tweet whore. Tweet monkeys tweet every few seconds.
Bill- "Leonard, you tweet too much. Even more than a tweet whore."
Leonard- "So, what does that make me?"
Bill- "A tweet monkey"
#twitter #tweet #whore #monkey #someone #who #tweets #far #too #much #tweet whore.
by fatherhoey September 23, 2009
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