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Another commonly used term among potheads for a marijuana joint.
Hey, can you hand me the papers so I can roll another J.
by Fathead December 08, 2004
When a man participates in a homosexual lifestyle.
Dude, he's not a metrosexual, he's playin' for the pink team.
by fathead December 08, 2004
uhhh... kinda like, uhmmm...

"blah, blah, blah"

except used most often by Dutch chicks from NW Iowa.
"Mr. Bush said in his e-mail, ... 'blar, blar, blar' ".
by fathead October 21, 2004
A homosexual or Fag.
Any dude that wears a skirt and walks like that is batting for the other side.
by fathead December 08, 2004
Large flab of fat hanging beneath the chin.
Damn! Check out your nana's jals.
by fathead October 19, 2004
A term used by young hooligans meaning what is up.
Hey! Sabi wich u mah man? Mi iz da bomb!
by fathead October 19, 2004

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