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Awesome game made my Massgate and published by Sierra.
It takes place in 1989 when the USSR invades the US.
You can also play in Europe as well. In Europe you play as NATO. It has great multiplayer and graphics.
It's hard to describe the feeling you get when dropping a tactical nuke on your enemy for the first time in World in Conflict multiplayer.
by fatfuny January 25, 2008
Strongest tank in the game war front turning point.
It has five independent turrets that murder ground units.
It is very slow and cannot defend itself against air attacks. It can be used while playing as the Russians in multiplayer.
Going up against Kharkov Rampagers with light tanks isn't fun.
by fatfuny January 24, 2008
Unit in the game called Company Of Heroes. The knights cross holders are the most hardest unit to kill and when they reach level 4, they are almost invincible. Abv is KCH.
Me, playing as Axis threw my level 4 knights cross holders at three squads of infantry, and came out alive.
by fatfuny November 22, 2007
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