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When no matter how hard you try,how hard you push and how long you sit there,you just cant get that "last turd" feeling to go away,but as soon as you wipe and pull your undies up you almost don't have time to sit back down before it comes shooting out.
Mark:"Dude what the hell took you so long in the shitter?"

Dan:"Sorry man,I was fighting my turdnemisis."
by fat wyt guy April 05, 2009
The early adolecent stage of growing a mustache,when it mostly consists of peach-fuzz with a dozen or so black hairs.
mother: "Go wash that dirt off of your upper lip for dinner".
preteenager: "I did mom,this is my mustache".
mother: " I'm sorry that I confused your almostache with having a dirty lip".
by fat wyt guy May 29, 2009
Any person who will go home with the even the skeeziest people,just to get laid.Usually ending up with a trip to the doctor for some kind of medication.
Matt:Hey Mike did you see the girl the Rob just left with?

Mike:Helz ya,he is such a trash fucker.
by fat wyt guy April 05, 2009
.n. The act of fondeling yourself while watching a soap opera.
"I was home from work all day and decided it was time for a little dramasturbation while watching Days of our lives".
by fat wyt guy April 05, 2009
Like unicorns and other mythical creatures it is legendary and mysterious. For the sake of popularity and social dominance some often claim to see these "legends" and at the same time in reality they exist only to render inspirational and imaginary thoughts :)
1) g-spot = unicorn

2) "Dude..last night i played with my girlfriends g-spot and made her orgasm".

"Yeah right!,and I rode a unicorn to the palace of the fairy queen".
by fat wyt guy May 29, 2009
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