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2 definitions by fat tau

The deeply personal thought which gets you erect and/or gets you to orgasm whilst wanking without porn or other visuals. can be a remembered image/memory or an imaginary scenario.
george - spontenious or planned?
timmy - spontenious
george - pornography?
timmy - nah
george - thoughts? anyone/thing in particular?
timmy - Are you actually asking me to tell you my wank-thought?
by fat tau April 25, 2011
a fucked up crossbreed of an unlikely but seemingly compatible couple. this may be in the form of physical defects or severe mental problems.
Simon: my guinea pig and my chiuaua have bred and just had a baby!
George: no fucking way man! tell me this is a wind up...
Simon: this is for real, im holding it right now!
George: whats it like?
Simon: well its got deformed back legs...... and it seems to be throwing up blue mucus.....
George: LOL, what a fail, you've got a ronana there for sure!
*Simon cries*
by fat tau April 25, 2011