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A man who constantly wants to bang a bbw, those who love women with more to love, one who fantasizes about sexual encounters with big women, or those of us who are lucky enough to be able to fill one up on a regular basis.
I can't stand when my bbw girlfriend goes out of town, all I can think about is banging her, I am a true plumper pumper,
by fat lover August 11, 2007
A girl's ass that is fat, not just big, but a booty that has a lot of jiggle to it. A blubber butt should contain some cellulite and cottage cheese and always fill up the girl's pants. Nothing is better than a blubber butt, it is a godess-like feature on bbws that is a true thing of beauty.
My girlfriend's blubber butt looks damn good in a thong with all her fat hanging out, I get an instant hard-on from looking at it.
by fat lover August 11, 2007
Any person who loves to see the cellulite on a full figured woman, it is soo sexy.
My girlfriends thighs and buttocks have so much cellulite on them, it has turned me into a total cottage cheese lover.
by fat lover April 26, 2007
to dump a load in or on a fat girl
I love giving my girlfriend a plumpydump.
by fat lover April 26, 2007
to finger a fat girl
I love fat-fingering my chunky girlfriend, it is soo fun.
by fat lover April 26, 2007
A woman that is so hot and attractive just based on their body size, they have an ample amount of fat on them are should be worshipped in our society as the ideal body image. They have buxom bodies with large breasts, thighs, hips, stomach, and ass. Typically a large amount of their body jiggles when they walk. While there is no size limit for being a plumper, a girl must have a good amount of fat on her and shouldn't look like she is skipping meals, instead all plumpers should eat sweets and greasy foods in order to maintain or increase their size.
That girl is such a hot plumper, she is pushing 200 pounds.
by fat lover August 11, 2007

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