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that one weird kid everyone has at their school. he has lots of zits on his face and definitely likes to check out other men and while he never pops his zits they have large amounts of puss on them, and they grow so large they just pop all over his face
hey did you see woody the other day that zit was staring at me.

dang man my teacher is definitely a woody
by fat griggs January 27, 2010
a piece of crap who thinks he is the shit even though no one likes him. he gets all the pity because no one likes him. His ego is so big that its hard for him to walk into a room. Because he made varsity to sit the bench the whole season, he thinks he's cool.
Omg i just wana punch that oscar kid in the face
guy 1: hey did u see that guy on varsity?
Guy 2: no man he is an oscar he acutely sucks

Guy 1: oh ok i take that back then
by fat griggs January 28, 2010
The one guy at your school who you think is your friend until you go to his house and he knocks your xbox over and never gives u back the game that he broke.
hey look at that new kid i wana be his friend!

no man he is a toby he will trash your stuff and never give it back!
by fat griggs January 28, 2010

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