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Spunk, Semen, Jizz, Spoff, Spooge, Population Paste, Man Glue, Jostle Juice, Baby Gravy, Etc. Etc.
After a heavy night of masturbation, Jimmy woke to find a tissue, covered in Gentleman's Relish, stuck to the side of his face.
#spunk #semen #jizz #spoff #spooge #population paste #man glue #jostle juice #baby gravy
by fat b'stard July 03, 2011
A 45/577 calibre rifle used to slaughter natives since 1871.
Made famous at the battle of Rourke's Drift during the Zulu war in 1879.
During which the British Empire slaughtered 1000's of wog's, except at the battle of Isandhlwana, which we won't talk about.
There's a good fellow
#rifle #wog #zulu #war #rourke's drift
by fat b'stard July 03, 2011
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