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rims that are 20" in diameter and look "tyte".
sononymous with twankie-twos or twankie-fo's
nigga...i roll up on mai twankiez
by Fat Pat November 04, 2002
The point where you hear Bono preach the same thing more than once.
"No! That's enough, he's getting bonotonous now."
by Fat Pat July 04, 2005
The point when Bob Geldof goes from preaching to ranting.
"Ooops, there he goes, Geldof has just gone Bobnoxious."
by Fat Pat July 04, 2005
The mode Bob Geldof gets into when the preaching turns into ranting
Geldof's turned bobnoxious again.
by Fat Pat July 03, 2005
The constant droning and preaching from celebrities like BONO!
Live 8 was pretty good, but it was pretty bonotonous hearing all the celebs telling us how great they were.
by Fat Pat July 20, 2005
jigga talk fo yo teef
platinum in grizzile
by Fat Pat November 04, 2002
Bermondsey school slang - to fart
which one of you dirty bastards just slogged
by Fat Pat January 16, 2005
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