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Something I shitted the other day that I never ate.
::Looks in toilet::
What!?... I never ate any corn!
by fat bastard February 20, 2005
a show closely related to jerry springer except without the fat whores beating ppl down and he actually tries to help the people.
Maury is my new favorite show.
by fat bastard February 14, 2005
The worst run club you will ever find, thanks to Terry Brown. But have the finest band of supporters in the world.
Chim chimeny, chim chimeny, chim chim charoo, we are those bastards in Claret and Blue
by Fat Bastard July 20, 2004
fat bastard who think tech is a real course and gives out B+ and A- for having one dimension wrong
That Defalco is one fat piece of shit.
by fat bastard March 31, 2005
when your belly hangs out more then your dickydo
He eats so much his crotch fat sticks out more then his dickydo
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
The combination of shitting and pissing out of your anus. Often occurs after mexican food and/or a night of heavy drinking
I ate so many damn tacos and drank so much corona last night, that everybody in the office today heard me shizzing on the toilet
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
The lower part of an obese persons midsection. Often the cause of movers disease and dickydo
Christ when he sat down his crotch fat looked like an oversized pillow
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
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