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1 definition by fast times at northport high

Someone who takes part in cross-country and or track at their univeristy or high schol. Usually tall, thin (unless a sprinter, in that case you are big black, and can run fast) and seen in the masses at local pizza joints eating a solid seven slices or running the streets for many an hour on sunday mornings. Are known for throwing sweet fests (see parties)and having hot girls on the distance team. Hated by football and lacrosse players and basically people who can't run. (affiliated with super runner shop, the armory, suffolk county)
--I'm gettin cramped up cause of that excrutiating 4 by 4, and i still have a sprint medley relay!

--just cover yourself with icy-hot and drink some water, were gonna get through this you trackie!
by fast times at northport high February 01, 2006