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All though Towson University is located outside of Baltimore, the style and the mood of the place reflects that of New York and that of Connecticut. The campus is pretty and full of vibrant shrubbery. There is also a New York feel as the Tower Dining hall appears to be modeled after the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. The tower is spacious, has carryout like places, a cereal bar, and a New York like view (except its in Baltimore). Towson also has many fun hang outs such as: the gym, the student union, STARBUCKS,etc. People can play pool in the union, go to the gym and climb on the climbing wall, or go drink a latte in the Starbucks. Yes it is a full service Starbucks.
Towson University's style can be best described as the following for Girls:
-north face jackets
-Vera Bradley Purses
-Longchamp purses
-J Crew clothes
-bows on clothes or headbands
-Gossip Girl style
-Audrey Hepburn Style
- New York/Connecticut Style
-Abercrombie Clothes
-Juicy Couture Clothes and accessories
-Cute and elegant coats
-rainbow brand flip flops
-Eliza B flip flops
-Silver monogrammed jewlery
-pearl earrings

-Ralph Lauren Clothes
-Lacoste Clothes
-Abercrombie Clothes
-Vineyard Vines
-North Face Jackets
-New York/Connecticut style
-Shaggy Hair
by fashionista26 May 16, 2009

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