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a land of complete make believe. a place where fast cars, fancy clothes, and complete fakeness rule the social scene. school work? what's that? there's no time to study when your campus is actually a $50,000 a yr resort. blonde hair is everywhere, and of course its fake. the only real thing about lynn is the clothes. louis bags and true religions are all over the place. cars? we drive ranges, beemers, benzes, and porsches. hondas? absolutely not. in a place where school work is non-existent, we still graduate with the best jobs. thanks to mommy and daddy, we'll be the future CEOs and owners of major companies, and if not, we'll be spending our trust funds from our well respected families. yea, we might not have a football team, but we still party harder than fau ever will.
lynn university is the place to be
by fashiongal<3 October 25, 2010

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