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3 definitions by fartytoot

Dirty Fur Flossin' - the name given to the act of performing oral sex on someone with pubic hair.
Example - So things started getting really hot and heavy. Next thing I know she has my junk in her mouth and she was dirty fur flossin' me like it was going to bring world peace.
by fartytoot January 26, 2009
Dirty fur - a slang term used for pubic hair.
Example: I was going to go down on her but she hadn't trimmed her dirty fur.
by fartytoot January 26, 2009
Is a sexual act wherein a male gets both of his testes into a woman's or man's mouth.
Me: She fit both my balls in her mouth. She must have been hungry!

Friend: Nothing like a snack pack for a hungry stomach.
by fartytoot March 08, 2011