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A variation of the "Spastic Eagle", during which the "eagle" performs fellatio on all three meat-wands.

(Spastic Eagle --- One person kneeling down, giving head to one man directly infront and handjobs to two men either side)
OK, I don't remember much of last night, but I'm pretty sure you had a three piece feed
by fartsoffortune September 08, 2010
Performed by farting into a cupped hand, raising the cupped hand to the mouth and blowing the fart over the nearest victim.
Here mate, have a bumkiss.
by fartsoffortune September 08, 2010
A heavier version of the humble cupcake, requiring the mudcaker to position their fart-factory as close to the mouth of the mudcakee as possible before blasting an air biscuit. Easiest to achieve when the victim is sleeping, though more satisfying when they know it's happened.
Dude Tim just mudcaked me, it's so heavy and rich!
by fartsoffortune September 08, 2010

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