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This term can be used when an individual wants to say something but do not know what to say or too lazy to search in his/her vocabulary
Allen: "Hongjai hongjai."
John: "Uh, hi."

Jennifer: "Can anyone help me?"
Allen: "Hongjai."
Mohsen: "Hongjai."
Nate: "Hongjai."
TJ: "Hongjai."
Jennifer: "Fine..."
by fartingdemon May 15, 2008
To apply force. Usually used in a difficult situation. Can also be used to get one's attention.
Kevin: "This box is pretty heavy."
Allen: "Let's poi yong chur it!"

Paul: "Poi yong chur!"
Allen: "Oh hi."
by fartingdemon May 12, 2008
Expression of agreement. Similar to "okay."
Daniel: "Hey let's go get a drink."
Allen: "Hongkay!"

(Beginning of a presentation)
Richard: "Hongkay, so here is..."
by fartingdemon May 12, 2008

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