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a person that is lovable, cute, funny and friendly. A friend everyone wants to have. Someone you can always count on and someone who will always be there for you.
Everyone wants a Ferhan in thier life but only I can have him.
by Farrah April 28, 2004
One or something that seems brilliant, in style, and considered vogue to peers
WOAH! That's SO mo0sy!!!
by Farrah March 21, 2005
Sandwich Factory!
Is that an armadilo on the top of the Sandwich factory in wellington?!?! ooo no, god, its Claire!
by farrah May 25, 2004
Awesome. Store. Shopping. Fun. preppy...I think not! Gooooooo Wet Seal!
I went to the mall and bought this tres cute skirt at wet seal! Yay!
by Farrah March 01, 2004

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