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To give a woman oral sex , to lick her pussy, put your face between her legs
I'm going to face the diggity , I'll face the diggity
by farmritch February 12, 2008
Woman with very wide cleveage , much room between boobs or no cleveage at all
Check out that chick on the dance floor with the 2 boobs spaced far apart, you mean wide glide in the blue?
by farmritch February 12, 2008
text messaging on cell phone in relation to the old days of messaging with teletype
He's on his celetype again.
I'll send a note on my celetype.
I'm getting a celetype message.
by farmritch April 09, 2010
Getting dressed and ready to go
I'm getting dressed and she comes in and asks you bootin up?
by farmritch February 20, 2009

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