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Conterfit Money
"How Much Fettuccine can i get wit $100?"
by Farid January 19, 2004
aka hell no
another way of sayin, NOPE

Originated from Sha Money XL & DJ Whoo Kid
Dood1: "Lets Go Clubbin"
Dood2: "Nah Stop, Im chillin wit my girl tonight"
by Farid January 19, 2004
converse,speak with or network.
i hollatick with all people of all origin.
by farid December 14, 2003
Another way of sayin talk
"I Dont Fox With That Dood"

"Call Me Tonight, And We'll Fox"
by Farid January 19, 2004
Playa Fuk Up

Another way of sayin "Shut Up"
Dood1: "Im Goin to tha mall tonight"
Dood2: "PFU, u said ur goin clubbin, how come i aint invited?"
by Farid January 19, 2004

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