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The line of titty owners that stand behind Clarkson, Hammond and May while doing their piece to the camera during filming an episode of the eponymous TV show.
"Just look at that pieve of top gear totty just behind Clarksons's fat stupid face".
by farge bofflenerp October 26, 2009
The sudden, mammoth and extemely pleasing swelling of a pregnant woman's breasty dumplings.
"I say, she has a capitol pair of tatty bojangles"

"Yes, the titty fairy paid a visit"
by farge bofflenerp October 28, 2009
Descriptive of the gaudy, low rent, cheap jewellry normally festooning chavs as they leave their child benefit at the local bingo hall.
Guy1: Heavens, whats that awful jangling noise?
Guy2: Why, i believe it is the chav across the road and her bingo clink.
by farge bofflenerp October 25, 2009
Hong Kong movie style martial arts.

Popularised by Nigle Buckland of Vids.
"Hey, Steffy boy, that Jackie Chan is a top, low-centre-of-gravity, chop sockey master"
by farge bofflenerp November 03, 2009
Pointless trendy chothes shop targeted at shallow, middle class idiots.
"Ive just got a jumper from Next, it only cosy me £80".
by farge bofflenerp November 01, 2009

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