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wannabe/white nigger. They seem to flock in small suburban towns with little or no actual black people, so their only warped twisted view of black people is though MT-fucking -V(2). So they adorn the latest "Fasions" by FUBU, and they seem to not reallize the the crappy rappers they listen to don't even talk as shittasticly as they do, and most black people don't talk like them either. They also talk very slowly at first to get their "ebonics" down. Wiggers are usually rebuked for their trying to be a "nigga" or "gangsta" by being called the whitest persons in existance. because they are.
"Fo..Shizzle..dawggie doo! i gots me somes new FUBUs. Nigga! Fo shozic me nozik! Bee-atch!"

"okay, no. Your done, you wigger-faggot, get out of (enter small village name) and go to atlanta and act like that. I will enjoy watching you get the living shit beat out of you."

"Why you got-ta be hatn' bee..atch!"
by Fantastic Dan September 01, 2005
A device used to stop airline pregnancy.
Quick Stewardess, I need my wankerclamp so I can have an unprotected quickie.
by Fantastic Dan August 12, 2005
It's a clothing brand that only preppy ass-munchers go to great lengths to defend, because of their billboard like tendencies . Also the "non-conformist" Ass-goblins who secretly love it are are making fun of it because they have no life and are just fucking up. JESUS people it's fucking clothes. All of you fucking cock-washing shit bitches, with tendencies of ass-clownery, have to get your head out of your fucking asses. That includes the non-conformists, and the preps.
A:Dude, that guy's wearing abercrombie, what a massive tool!

B:It's just clothes you fucking goth-ass bitch, get your head out of your 10 gallon asshat the true "non-comformist" thing to do is to not give a fuck.

A:Hey, that guys not wearing abercrombie I bet he's poor!

B:Yes, lets make fun of him for not being a walking advertisement, and not trying to buy his way through life, because his dad doesn't own a dealership! Aha! Ha HAAaaa.. Jeeves keep laughing for me i grow weary.
by Fantastic Dan August 26, 2005
I know there's enough moron's definitions for it on here but i gotsta throw in my two cents. Apparently there's a huge feud over halo2 and half-life2. i have beaten both, which is pretty easy, and for single player, both games had the SHITTIEST endings ever, but half-life kicks halo's ass in single player, but since halo 2 has online, and awesome multiplayer, i play that most of the time
I have no life thanks to Halo 2 and Half-life 2. and all those other games everyone's bitching about. god, they're games people, stop bitching and just play.
by Fantastic Dan March 20, 2006
47 is when your doin' something stupid or illegal, and the watchout yells 47 to alert of supervision, or authorities. and 74 means that the coast is clear
Jeff: Hurry throw that roll of tp!
Ian: 47!
Jeff: Oh crap! duck!
Ian: 74!
Jeff: Okay, back to work!
by Fantastic Dan November 06, 2005
An imaginary STD. If you don't know what disease you have and are too lazy to get tested, you can just say that you have the Pinkey Man
Me: Man Jeff, That Bitch gave me the Pinkey Man, can you believe?
Jeff: The What?
Me: The Pinkey Man, I'm too lazy to get tested so I say I gots the Pinkey Man
by Fantastic Dan October 20, 2005
The act of doing anything.
derived from the old church hymnal, but no one seems to know what "sheaves" are, so it now means anything.
NO! that's all wrong! That's not how you bring in those sheaves!
But i'm just cleaning a window, so what if i use newspaper?
Moishey! drink your juicebox!
rod and tod singing:
bringing in the sheaves! bringing in the sheaves! we will come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves!
by Fantastic Dan September 27, 2005

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