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24 definitions by fantastic dan

A very excellent move. but creator/silent bob Kevin Smith actually hates it.
some guy: Hey! your kevin smith! i've seen all your movies. Clerks, chasing amy, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, jersy girl. i loved them all!

Kevin Smith: you liked mallrats? Now i KNOW your crazy

true stuff
by Fantastic Dan December 02, 2005
21 13
What they call condoms in Maryland and some states around it.

Usually said for a used one, but sometimes for unused.
"Dude! I found a Beelteskin in Jerry's dresser!" or "EW! I found a Beetleskin full of Beetlejuice!"
by Fantastic Dan August 12, 2005
6 3
An awesome show from way back in the day.
Why can't they bring back the good 'ol shows? Like BJ and the bear. now there's a concept i can't get enough of, a man and his monkey
by Fantastic Dan December 02, 2005
18 17
The energy sword in Halo 2. When the little moon-thing turns red SHIV LIKE THERE'S NO TOMARROW! Yes, i am a nerd for putting this on here.
Dear god! monkeyspanker51 has had that energy shiv for at least 10 kills now, i'm gonna snipe his bitch ass, GOD DAMN IT! He did it again!
by Fantastic Dan September 30, 2005
2 1
Short in the front, long in the back. Usually worn by rednecks, and they try to defend this crappy-ass haircut by saying "buisness in the front and a party in the back", and if they live long enough they use it for their own personal toilet paper.
Check out that guys mullet! It's so long in the back, he probably wipes his ass with it.
by Fantastic Dan August 13, 2005
15 15
A device used to stop airline pregnancy.
Quick Stewardess, I need my wankerclamp so I can have an unprotected quickie.
by Fantastic Dan August 12, 2005
3 3
The best freakin' holiday ever! Except it's starting to cross the line from really awesome, to annoying, because it's starting before thanksgiving, more than a month before christmas.
Jeff: Man, Christmas rules!
Ian: Hell yeah it does!

Jesus: Damn you advertisers for stealing my birthday! DAAAAAAAMN YOOOOUU!
by Fantastic Dan November 21, 2005
13 14