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Better known as Benedict Loo, he is a famous Singaporean breakdancer. He is thoroughly-allured by females worldwide especially due to his handsome eyebrows, deep, powerful, yet sexy voice, muscular frame and of course, his fasionable POLICE-branded glasses. Benedict is always dressed in his grey, shiny jacket like some street mugger, while hiding his beautiful, Pantene-glorified, straight hair with his Bristow cap. Apparently, he even adorns his cap to sleep from time to time, exemplifying his CHAO COOLness.

However, he has achieved notoriety for spewing Hokkien and English vulgarities in every of his sentences, and as famously quoted by him - "What lah, cheebye! Na beh." Besides, he is known to explode into delirious laughter when he is enjoying his hilarious, yet bordering the extent of annoying, petard celebrations. Thus, he is given the nicknames: Petard Retard, Snigger Nigger.

Nevertheless, he has been widely acclaimed for his outstanding performances on the dance floor, usually finishing his performances off with impossible-to-execute moves like the ecstacy-inducing tops, dazzling/sparkling horseshoes and the death-defying legs-behind-the-neck tops which can even make the best yoga enthusiasts swoon. He has coined the term "SCHWOAR!" which is used as his own exclamation, replacing the common, not-so-cool "WHOA!" or "AHHH!". He enjoys taunting his fans with COOL! handsigns while performing his back-breaking tricks, proving to the world that he can still chuckle in pure bliss, enjoy his happy hours while enduring his ironically neck-breaking, tortuous floats.

Fang Kai will be performing for the world audience during the Swiss Redbull BC Tournament 2007 as B-Boy BENedict and we can't wait for him to illustrate the stage and SCHWOAR the crowd!
After pissing him off the other day, Fang Kai told me, "What lah, na beh cheebye!"

Little kid (after watching Fangkai breakdancing): Mommy, can I be like him when I grow up?
Mommy: No, dear, Fang Kai is CHAO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

Fang Kai has this uncanny resemblance of Natural Effects' Sonic. Maybe it is due to their tendency to pose CHAO COOLly.
by fangkai's fan June 16, 2006
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