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A big fan of his or her own self. An individual with a larger than life ego/self image. Someone with a way too high opinion of him/herself. Usually an only child totally spoiled by parents.
you should see his myspace and facebook profiles, he's a shameless self-promoter. he's a total fanarcissist
by fan fan August 05, 2009
Fanhancer is Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient # 38. It provides you with the extra spark & refreshment a fan needs to chant, scream, holler and cheer like there’s no tomorrow.
Whether in the ballpark, the stadium, a concert or arena, you wanna make sure your favorite artists, athletes and performers hear ya loud and clear (even if your mouth’s full with those delectable concession stands nachos).
I'm going to the concession stand to get me a soda, I need fanhancer like right now. Nachos anyone?
by fan fan August 05, 2009
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