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2 definitions by famousmistadave

A music software tool for improving the quality of a track by removing all the crap. Can be run as a stand-alone or as a plug-in for Logic, Cubase or Pro-Tools
Q: Can you run the latest Justin Bieber track through the deshitinator?
A: Sure, but all you'll get is silence

Q: Have you finished the mix on my track yet?
A: Nearly, I just have to put it through the deshitinator before sending it to mastering
by famousmistadave January 14, 2011
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a term used to describe an enormous task or group of jobs that need completing. The tasks must include physical exertion, thought and take a lot of effort, just like training an elephant.

Different coloured elephants can be used to describe the difficulty of a task along the colour spectrum; red/orange elephants are easiest, blue/purple elephants the most difficult
Q: Are you coming out tonight?
A: Can't, I've got to train an elephant

Q: What are you up to this weekend
A: I'm doing some orange elephant training
Q: That'll only take an hour, come to the bar

Q: How's your essay?
A: Harder then training a blue elephant
by famousmistadave March 09, 2011
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