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Cincinnati pilsner. Best light beer in the world! Hudepohl Brewing. the Queen City's celebrated light beer. A Cincinnati favorite.
One more round of Hudy Delight!
by famousbill November 13, 2007
originally called the Queen City in the early 1800's. First known to be written in 1826 by Benjamin Drake and Edward Mansfield in their book 'Cincinnati'. Nickname became synonymous world-wide with the city of Cincinnati in 1854 by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow whose poem 'Catawba Wine' memoralizes Cincinnati's vineyards and at the end of which he refers to the city as the "Queen of the West".
Cincinnati is the Queen of the West.

The Red, Bengals and Bearcats play in the Queen City.
by famousbill November 27, 2007
During the first forty years after its founding, Cincinnati experienced spectacular growth. By 1820, citizens, extremely proud of their city, were referring to it as The Queen City or The Queen of the West.

Cincinnati called the Queen of the West. also called the blue chip city, city of seven hills, porkopolis, cincy and nati.
the Queen City also known as Queen of the West. On May 4, 1819, B. Cooke wrote in the Inquisitor and Cincinnati Advertiser, "The City is, indeed, justly styled the fair Queen of the West: distinquished for order, enterprise, public spirit, and liberality, she stands the wonder of an admiring world." In 1854, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote his poem, Catawba Wine, to memorialize the city's vineyards, especially those of Nicholas Longworth. The last stanza of the poem reads:

"And this Song of the Vine,
This greeting of mine,
The winds and the birds shall deliver,
To the Queen of the West,
In her garlands dressed,
On the banks of the Beautiful River."
by famousbill November 12, 2007
President Bush is a Great man. Has the most media hatred spread worldwide by the radical left wing democrats who will do and say anything to have a communist in office. I personally thought pres. clinton was a scumbag who wasnt man enough to admit any of his faults (didnt inhale or have sex?) but he was our president so i supported him. stop hating your country and love the fact the we run this world! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
fuck france and the taliban!

God Save Our Country! God Bless Our President Bush!
by famousbill November 18, 2007
Great leader who in his time is under-appreciated and hated by many.(see also Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ) History will show how great he has been. President during time of war, and like ALL wars this one has been greatly protested. (see also ANY major American war starting at the Revolutionary War to now) Nobody ever appreciates what the US does for them. If you dont believe me go ask France why they dont speak German(see WW1 or WW2) George Bush knows this but continues to do what is right because he is a great man.

President Bush is...

Loved world wide by those who favor liberty, justice, capitalism, and the United States of America.

Hated world wide by those who absolutely despise everything mentioned above as well as hating Republicans, God, white straight men, and possibly Santa Claus.
God Bless President Bush!

Why Haven't the terrorists been sucessful since 9/11? Oh yeah, because Bush attacks them before they come here!

Nobody can deny his success at keeping us safe from more terror attacks.

by famousbill November 13, 2007

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