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When you are doing something at work that is not work-related that requires your full attention, such as playing a video game, and a co-worker suddenly pops in forcing you to make it look as if you are busy and hide your game (such as with alt-tab). After the co-worker leaves, you typically return to your video game to find your character dead.
Joe: Hey man what are you doing? Are you gonna help us capture the flag?
Bob: Sorry I got coworked! Had to alt-tab!
by falo030 September 27, 2006
Slang for cybersex. Used commonly on message boards and in video games in the in-game chat channels.
Falti: My screen name is Falti6969 if u want to chat...sometimes i have it on on my phone u can message me.
Wyso: OMG i need to install AIM so i can cybor with you 24/7!!
by falo030 September 26, 2006
When something is sad, such as when someone is hurt, yet also hilariously funny for the same reasons.
Joe: Someone in our building got stuck in the elevator this morning and you could hear them ringing the alarm and freaking out from our lobby.
Bob: Oh no! That's funnysad.
by falo030 September 26, 2006
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