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3 definitions by falconduvent

A sport which involves flying up a mountain strapped to a giant fucking parachute and allowing the laws of physics to have sex with your face.
Guy 1: You want to go snow kiting?
Guy 2: Na man i'd rather shave with a grater.
by falconduvent December 08, 2009
the art of misspelling words backwards after consuming alcohol
Girl: the partys over
Guy: thats so emal
Girl: uh, what?
Guy: just had a drunklexic moment
by falconduvent June 05, 2010
A house full of pampered, spoiled, selfish, stupid, whiny daddys girls with no spines or manners and loose vaginas.
Dude 1: "Lets go over to Alpha Gam, they're having a party."
Dude 2: "Hell no, that place is a cunt castle."
by falconduvent May 01, 2011