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n. A condition which prevents one from engaging in any form of conflict due to a rapid increase in one's fear level. Symptoms generally include, shaking, sweating, softening on the voice, and the inability to maintain eye contact. This condition is predominantly found in males.
Mary: Did you see Jake and Travis arguing yesterday?

Jessica: Yea, I heard Travis tripped Jake and got him mad. What happened after that?

Mary: Jake got up yelling and Travis told him to do something about it if he's that mad.

Jessica: What did Jake do?

Mary: Jake has nogenitiliacitis, so he just said whatever and walked away.
by fakenameorelsepeoplewillknow November 18, 2010
n. A marijuana smoking game where a group of least four people attempt to get the person who does not smoke marijuana contact high.
Jim: Yo, Paul was so high yesterday

Lexus: I thought Paul didn;t smoke marijuana

Jim: He doesn't, we played Operation Fluffy Daisies
by fakenameorelsepeoplewillknow November 22, 2010
Noun: crusty bunghole
Verb: to eat dirt
Noun: Dude, your filiberto stinks, try wiping it next time
Verb: Don't eat the filiberto, it's for the flowers!
by fakenameorelsepeoplewillknow March 21, 2010

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