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3 definitions by fairywagina

def. 1: A person with an extraordinary amount of pubic hair. Or the region itself.
def 2: An elderly person's pubic region, so named due to the whiteness of the hair and its resemblance to the legendary snowman.
Yikes! Her crotch Yeti was so abominable, I thought it was going to eat me!

Whoa! The rumours were true, you are a Crotch Yeti!

by fairywagina August 10, 2008
Feminine sanitary device, a tampon.
Hey, while your at the store could you pick me up a box of bitch-bullets, I'm having some fierce menstration. And Super-Plus-size me!

Say, could I bum a bitch bullet, I just started.
by fairywagina August 10, 2008
A variation on the expletive bull shit. This version dabbles in a slightly more suggestive area of the animal, creating more vulgar reaction in those listening. In some, it could cause a visualization of the animal's ample anatomy creating an uneasy feeling of inadequacy, which will aid the user in his attempt to prove superior in the situation. It is a subtle twist, but a surprising and powerful one, which will ensure that the user of this word is heard. It is a statement of disbelief and/or disgust.
"See that girl over there? I just gave her yoni the old in out in out."

"Bull Crotch! you don't even like redheads!"

by fairywagina August 06, 2008