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from the latin meaning to rip a man's genitals out through his wallet.
by fairy nuff September 23, 2003
1. 42
2. a monty python film
3. one of life's unansweable questions that manic depressives sit and dwell on knowing that they'll never find out the answer.
by fairy nuff September 24, 2003
the biggest marketing ploy ever, that hasnt worked for anyone since romeo and juliet, and even they werent real. anyone who sends valentines is desperate, and anyone who recieves them is too popular for their own good, and it's a waste of a 26p stamp and a waste of a day
by fairy nuff September 23, 2003
normally a book, that ppl write in a lot, usually private things that they dont want anyone else to read, so naturally anyone who gets their hands on it has a flick thru.
bryan read my diary. again.
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
the three number that start every directory enquiries number in britan, most of which have an addictivly annoying tune
dial 118 TWICE 118!
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
the suffragettes were only the best british women that ever lived!!
there was a suffragette in mary poppins!
by fairy nuff September 26, 2003
a pregnant fish without a father.
you twastard
by fairy nuff September 24, 2003

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