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Ridiculously large public high school outside of Rochester, NY. Houses tenth through twelfth grades. Faculty, staff, students, administration, and entire town of Fairport prioritizes sports (which we suck at) over education. Everyone ends up going to UB or MCC or St. John Fisher. Students are expected to be on a sports team and if they are not, they're outcasts or labeled potheads, which most athletes actually are. Girls wear loads of black eyeliner and push-up bras and tight Hollister jeans and flip flops in the middle of winter. Guys wear jerseys of somesort and baggy jeans without belts. Girls also wear cheerleading t-shirts and Soffe shorts with Adidas or Nike one-strap flip-flops all year round. Cheerleading is like a religion and if you aren't a fan, you're out. Fairport is overrated and everything from going to church to showing up for class is merely for social purposes. Everyone attends Assumption. The education is terrible at Fairport. Only 50% of kids passed the mandatory Math B exam in 2009 (which Fairport teachers will NEVER admit, even though every other school in the area knows we suck). In Fairport, if you get a bad grade on a test, you aren't chastised or even slightly encouraged to do better next time, you're praised for even showing up to class on time after such a hard night of partying the night before.
Soffe shorts and flip flops in January? She probably goes to Fairport High School.
by fairport girl October 31, 2009

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