4 definitions by fair_claire

A woman who dresses like a man dressed in drag.
Tina is such a ladyfag, look how much makeup she has on, good think her tits are propped up, she might be mistaken for a fish dragqueen.
by fair_claire April 13, 2010
A setting or event where the number of woman is overly concentrated resulting in general catty or bitchy behavior. The exact opposite of a Sausage Festival.
They need to hire some dudes on the sales team; it's a clam bake over there with all that gossiping.
by fair_claire April 27, 2010
People who police other people's tweets for the sole purpose of making fun of typos and bad grammar.
I misspelled hypocrite on twitter and got a nasty message from some asshole twammar.
by fair_claire April 29, 2010
Cape worn by a gay man.
Eddie looked fagulous in the gape, it was pure cashmere.
by fair_claire September 01, 2010

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