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1. a mixture of a cunt and a douche; a person who is a cunt and a douche at the same time
2. an occurence when a female's cunt accidentally swallows the entire douch
1. Dude, Aaron is such a cuntdouche
2. Did you see what happened to Mona the other day? She was cleaning her self, then all of a sudden "schlup!" she gets a cuntdouche
by faggio April 28, 2005
1. A word of dismissal; a word you use when you don't care about something
2. an insult
3. a term praising someone or something
1. I don't give a fuck-kick about that whore!
2. You're such a fuck-kick!
3. Whoa, dude, this is so fuck-kick!
by faggio April 28, 2005
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