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When two girls kiss, masturbate, and preform oral sex on each other
Amanda walked into the house and she heard the TV making noise. "Hello? Anyone here?" She called. "Just in the TV room!"Rachel called. "How was your wax?" "Oh, it was fine..." Amanda says, glancing down at her mini-skirt.

"That's good,"said Rachel. Rachel was sitting on the couch, watching a lesbian sex show. Rachel turned around, got up and walked up to Amanda. She pressed her lips against Amanda's. Amanda pressed up against her, eager to get it on. Rachel's tongue made its way into her mouth, massaging Amanda's mouth.

Amanda inched down her skirt, then took off Rachel's. Rachel stopped the kiss to take off her shirt and Amanda's, then planted her lips upon Amanda's again. Amanda reached down, pulled off Rachel's panties, and started to rub her vagina, paying attention to her clit, making Rachel groan.

Rachel took off her bra, then Amanda's. She went straight for the twins on Amanda's chest. She took one nipple in her mouth, sucking and licking it while rubbing the other with her finger.

Suddenly, Rachel pushed Amanda down onto the couch, pulled her panties aside and started to lick her. Amanda moaned and wriggled while Rachel pushed a finger into her. Amanda then turned over and while fingering Rachel, also flicked her tongue at her clit. Rachel cummed and then they resumed kissing.

They had had the best lesbian sex ever and all this was repeated many, many times.
by fadoodley March 30, 2012

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