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A song by Lil' Kim that asks the question, "how many licks does it take til' you get to the center of the _____". The video portrays three "edible Lil' Kim Dolls". The first being "Candy Kim", the second being "Pin-up Kim", and the last being "Night Rider Kim". We are told nothing about Candy Kim except her name. Pin-up Kim goes out "to her Nighas in jail, beating they dicks to the cell. She wants them to imagine their tongue in between my thighs and grab their vaseline. Lastly, Night Rider Kim is the edible doll that can be found at the clubs after midnight. After three bottles she is ready to fuck. She states that some even put her on their grocery list, right next to the whipped cream and box of chocolates and that her shit comes in flavors.

Though the song is extremely intricate, it does not answer the question - How many licks does it take?
Hey How Many Licks?
I heard she got bigger tits. SHUT UP BITCH.

Hey Jared, how many licks does it take?

I dunno. Imma go over to Lil' Kim's house and found out. Call ya later.

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