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someone who complains about something but finds themselves doing exactly the same thing
A: "i hate people that complain about other people, they're SO annoying!"
B: "shut up, hypocrite!"
by factoryofinsults November 28, 2003
can be used as troufer, trouf, troofing.

1. fucking retard, bitch, whore, slut, fag
2. A nanny's cunt (beef curtains)
3. to fuck non-stop.
1. shut up..u fucking troufer!
2. Have u seen Tanya's troufer?
3. Did u trouf mandy all night?
4. were u troufing next door?
by factoryOFinsults July 30, 2003
Can be used as diggle, diggling, diggler
1.A black homo-whore...
2.A deformed dick
1. Tom: shut up the fuck up u little diggle!
"little diggle": Make me!
2. "oh look at him...that diggle he
3. "stop diggling in front of my face u little slut!"
by factoryOFinsults July 30, 2003
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