1 definition by fackatackacrackaling

Someone very special whom once you get to know, youll never forget(even if your moving in 5 months and shes your bestfriend who knows your deepest secrets...). shes someone whom you can tell anything. there beautiful with brown eyes and a curvy complexure. there different and shy. she hates people who are mean and loves eminem and lil wayne. annoy them and they will hit you because, being your bestfriend, they have a right. though shes your bestfriend, you cant help but want to be more than that, but youre smart enough to realize youll have your chance later, and that to be her best friend is a gift. the have slight* problem with getting loud without wanting, bc there spanish
wow bro, im in love with Sabrina :*)
by fackatackacrackaling April 30, 2012

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