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When you finger a girl for a while. Then you create a sensitive moment by hugging her while raising your hand towards your face to do the whiff test. This helps to avoid any embarrassment moments when you go down to munch her box.
Man: Dude, I couldn't even eat that girls box it was so nasty!!!

Friend: You should have done the "plug and Hug" bro!!!
by facepainters July 25, 2012
Typically, the female that is chewing gum when both women exit the bathroom after a round of rug munching.
Paul: Hey, did you see those 2 whores come out of the bathroom together?

Smitty: Sure did, Saw the "potty licker" chewing gum too.
by facepainters July 26, 2012
This is when you fuck a girl missionary with her legs pinned back behind her ears with white socks on her feet.
At this point she resembles a trussed turkey. You can tie her legs together if you want the full effect. Also known as the "roast turkey". This is normally done around thanksgiving but it's encouraged that it be done as much as possible.
Paul: Hey man, how was your thanksgiving?

Smitty: Great!!! I gave her the "thanksgivin' stuffin'" that she was most deperately asking for.
by facepainters July 26, 2012

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